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(上海/北京)EADG泛亚国际 – 规划设计师 / 高级规划设计师 / 施工图设计师 / 高级施工图设计师 / 种植设计师 / 高级种植设计师 / 方案设计师 / 高级方案设计师 / 景观设计师 / 项目经理 / 规划设计助理 / 景观设计师助理 / 注册暖通工程师 / 高级园林工程师 / 注册结构工程师


Glass Temple by Takashi Yamaguchi & associates

The underground bright space

Urban Ramp by Espace Libre

A real project featuring the landscape, ecosystems, and vistas

Santa Casa da Misericórdia’s Elderly Care Centre by Nuno Piedade Alexandre

Distorting facades

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        Legia Office by FIVE AM

        Perforated steel and untouched wood forms openness and privacy

        Swarovski Manufaktur by Sn?hetta

        Crystal Atelier of the 21st century

        (深圳)深圳华汇设计有限公司 – 主任建筑师 / 副主任建筑师 / 项目建筑师 / 建筑师 / 助理建筑师 / 室内设计师 / 景观设计师 / 总图设计师 / 助理总图设计师 / 设计实习生


        KFC (The Big Wild Goose Pagoda, Xi’an), China by the Swimming Pool Studio

        Tell the story of the dynasty in modern language

        Apple Park Visitor Center by Foster + Partners

        Delicate, inviting and transparent

        Overseas NO.84: Wei Huang

        The No.84 episode is about Wei Huang who graduated from Delft University of Technology and is now working for MVRDV

        Restructuring of Skanderbeg Square by 51N4E

        Looking back at the history standing on the square at the core of the city

        Pit terrace by Jorge Almazán Architects + Keio University Almazán Lab

        A public space reconquered from the parking area

        “KoolKiel” by MVRDV

        To redevelop a City Block Using a Progressive Approach to Participation and Flexibility

        Wake space up! Urban Eco-Balcony by Farming Architects

        Return a dead space to life with eco-system

        ORIA Office, China by ORIA


        Yangliu County Community Primary School and Kindergarten, China by gad

        Exploring the city of the sky

        gooood Education / 8-day Winter Workshop in Beijing – Indexing: Three-Dimensional Data Analysis and Visualization

        Taught by Italian teacher Nico for students in Landscape, Urban Planning, Architecture, etc.

        N?rrehus Common Courtyard Transformation by Johansen Skovsted Arkitekter

        Diagonal rhythm creates new space experience